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Light & Love Holiday Appeal 2021

November 18, 2021

Tree Lighting Event

Thursday, December 9 at 7 p.m.

Inglewood Community Centre

As the holiday season approaches, friends of Bethell Hospice are encouraged to buy a light to honour someone special, or in memory of someone they loved.  A light is illuminated for each person remembered, and their name read aloud at our Tree Lighting ceremony.  As we emerge from the significant impacts brought about by the pandemic, this beautiful tradition will mean more than ever.  Please plan to join us to remember family and friends, and make your gift to ensure that Bethell Hospice care is available for all future families in need This year, we hope that pandemic protocols will have relaxed sufficiently to allow us to hold our traditional Tree Lighting event in person.  Mark your calendars for Thursday, December 9 at 7:00 p.m., and join our Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Spiritual Care Coordinators and other families for our Tree Lighting event at Bethell Hospice.  Plans are also underway to offer an online version of our Tree Lighting event for those unable to attend. Every gift matters. Please make yours today.

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Light & Love 2020

Nancy Ackerman In memory of Nancy Stroud

Safia Akhtar In memory Of Khalid Mahmood

Leofryd Aldred In memory of Sheila Singh

Betty & Robert Allen In memory of Kathleen Allen

John & Heather Allen In memory of Sandy Allen & Chris Evans

Jessica Antoine In memory of Alun Antoine

John Arciuch In memory Of Evangeline Leach

Joanne Argall

Lenore Armstrong In memory of H Charles Armstrong & Ted & Billie Conover

Paul Bacci In memory of MaryLou Bacci

Lynne Marie Baldeo In memory of Alfred Baldeo

Francesca Balenzano In memory of Sebastian Balenzano

Lisa, Lee, Arianna & Noah Barbosa In memory of my beautiful sister Kimberly Flavell

Paul & Judith Barclay

Lindy Barrow In memory of Helen Gardiner & Helen McMinn

Bay Electrical Services Inc. In memory Of Benito Pelosi

Sharyn Beattie In memory of Wayne Beattie

Elizabeth Belmonte In memory of Eleni “Helen” Savvidis

Brian Beveridge In memory of Reginald Beveridge

Brian Bird In memory of Deborah Cameron-Bird

Stuart & Elizabeth Birnie In memory of Lorna & Tony Bethell

James Bland

Walter & Jean Boone

David Borland In memory of Thomas Borland

Elaine Borland Honouring Thomas Borland

Blanche Boudreau In memory of Adrien Boudreau

Margaret & Donald Boughen

Elizabeth Bourgaize In memory of Dennis McNamara

Mary Lou Bourgeois In memory Of Conrad Bourgeois

Susan Bousfield In memory of Jessica Susan Catherine Coupland

Angela Boyle In memory of Randy Panchyson

Angela Boyle In memory of Trudy Panchyson

Hugh Bracken In memory Of Mary Elizabeth Bracken

Brampton Flying Club & BP Consulting

Joyce & Kirk Brannon In memory of Joan Brannon

Deborah Breckels In memory of Joseph Morgan

Karen Breitner In memory of Steve Breitner

Evert & Hilda Brent

J Paul Brisbois

Al & Brenda Broekema In memory of Tom Silvis

Garnet & Mary Brown In memory Of James C Brown

Wanda & Kate Buote In memory of Laurie Torikian

Robert & Elizabeth Burgoyne

Valorie Burke In memory Of Viola Brown

Bernice Burrell

Paul Burroughs In memory of Patricia Burroughs

Geraldine Caird In memory Of Richard Caird

Stan Cameron In memory of Donna deBoer & Cameron Mackey

Laura Campanella In memory of June Hawkes

David & Rita Cantelon

Ermelinda Carreiro In memory of George Ferreira

David Cartwright In memory of Freda Little & David JJ Cartwright

Nadine Catalli In memory of Alexsandra Matwee

Maria Ceci In memory of Ferdinando Ceci

David & Kathleen Charron In memory of Connie Connor

Jim Christian In memory Of Donna Christian

Diana Christie In memory of Michael O’Connell

Carlo Ciniello In memory of Carmela Ciniello

Catherine Cirone In memory of Ray Cirone

Edna Clark In memory of Kirk Clark

Mark & Cynthia Clark In memory of Kimberly Medeiros Flavell

Mary Clarke In memory Of Paul Clarke

Shirley Clarkson-Grice

Christina Clemente In memory of Sandra Venusio

Betty Connelly In memory of Neil Connelly

Gail Connelly

Gail Connelly In memory of Steve Hannington

Denis Connor

Kathleen Cook

Fernando & Christine, Miranda, Rachel & Lucas Correia In memory of Elizabeth McNaughton

Alice Costerus

Ivadell Crane In memory of Elsie Moffat

Annette & Frank Cressy In memory Of Beryl Gallagher & Elaine Darrow

Marlene Crew In memory Of Bob Crew & Joanne Crew

Paula & Robert Crippen

Barbara Cukina In memory of Steve Cukina

Brenda Culbert In memory of Anne Marie Hawkes

Alan Cully In memory of John Cully

Lynda Cully In memory of John Cully

Jules Cunning In memory of Darlene Cain

Gordon Currie In memory of Sister Frances O’Brien, Sister-In-Law Daphne Currie & Sister-in-Law Susan Scott

Tadeusz Czupryn

Raymond Daigneault In memory of Ralph Tota

Twila & Jim Davenport In memory Of Jake Haines

Glen & Debbie Davis In memory of Joan Davis

John Dean In memory of Linda Dean

Lynda DeFoa In memory Of Bruce Defoa

Anna & Sergio Del Zotto In memory of Donna Hunt

Daniela Del Zotto In memory of Donna Hunt

Lauren Della Mattia In memory of Peter & Gigia

Karen Di Cresce

Adriana Di Giovanni In memory of Fiona Siciliano

Sherry DiPaolo In memory of Michael DiPaolo

Ursula & Peter Dittmar In memory Of Gertrude Montag

Brenda Dolling In memory of Carl Martin

Don & Robin Rowntree

Sarah Doughty In memory Of John A. Doughty

Cleona Dow In memory of Donald Dow

Louise Duffy In memory of Christine Rosa

Louise Duffy In memory of Shelly Price

Pamela Dunlop In memory of Paul Dunlop

Helen & Norman Dunstan

Helen & Norman Dunstan In memory of Neil Buchanan

David & Delia Dyke

Ron Eagles In memory of Marilyn Eagles

Catherine Earle In memory of my best friend Patty Schroeder

Carole Edgar In memory of Harry Mays

Candace Ellison In memory of Violet “June” Blackie

Tamara Ethier In memory of Giovanni Bet

Cheryl Everett In memory of Jan Everett

Mauro Facca In memory of Laura Facca

Faith Fellowship Church of Dufferin County

Suzanne Faroni In memory of Lenora McGourty

Richard Felix In memory Of Florence Felix

Rosa Ferreira In memory of George Ferreira

April Ferri In memory Of Aunt Ada McNulty

Fines Ford Lincoln

Janet Fisher In memory of Clare Fisher

Barbara & Alan Flavell In memory of Kimberly Flavell

Stephen & Anne Marie Flavell In memory of Kimberly Flavell

Patricia & Leonard Foley In memory Of Robert & Irene Foley

Cathy Foster In memory Of Dennis Foster

Margaret Frankruyter In memory of Alice Frankruter

Susan Fulcher In memory of Peter Van Harmelen

Susan Fyfe In memory of Lawrence Fyfe

Eleanor Gallagher In memory of Michael Gallagher

Domenica Niki Gallo In memory of Enrico, Elsa & Giuseppina Dicarlo

Domenica Niki Gallo In memory Maria & Giuseppe Gallo

David & Judy Galloway

Christine Gedge In memory of Margaret Gott

Satinderjeet Ghotra In memory of Karnail Kaur

Joyce Giles

Brian & Peggy Gleeson In memory of our nephew Ben Vander Byl, and our sister Pat Bellerby

Josephine Goss In memory of Elizabeth Goss

David Gough, Motivated Staffing In memory of Hayes Gough

Margrit Gould In memory of Helen Gignac

Elaine Goulding In memory of Thomas Goulding

Richard & Vera Grabowski In memory of Margaret Irwin

Richard & Vera Grabowski In memory of Grace Begeja

Grand Valley Lions Club In memory of Rick Nussey

Helen Grierson In memory of Maria Iwankewycz

Carm & Judy Griffin In memory of Robert Gardner

Glenn & Susan Griffin In memory of Robert Alan Gardner

Charlotte Griffore In memory of Michael Griffore

Brenda & Anthony Grossi In memory Of Flora Betty  Sringett

Monika Gschwendtner

Shelly Gurr In memory of Mary Gurr

Rolf & Emma Gut In memory of Darlene Cain & Sister Ann

Thao Ha

Tara Haas In memory of Sharon Lynn McKittrick

Brenda Haines In memory of Jake Haines

Monika Hamberg In memory of Roger Hamberg

Richard & Cecile Hammett In memory Of Lorna Bethell

Nicole Hand In memory of Dorothy & Edwin Ryder

Joan Hannah

Harmony Whole Foods Market Orangevill) Ltd

Gayle Harrison Gilpin In memory of Norma Harrison

Terence Harrison In memory Of Norma Harrison

Clifton Hatcher In memory Of Georgia Hatcher

Donald & Mary Hawkins

Mary & Bill Hay In memory of Ann & Mike Kuchmash

Monique Hebert In memory of Conrad Bourgeois

Jacquelyn Heeney

Mary & Ian Held In memory of Catherine Bruce

Lee Held-Jeffries In memory of James Trimble

James Hepburn

Gunda Herzog-Gross In memory of Don Olson

Kazimierz “Casey” Hetman In memory of Lisa Michele Hetman

Sharon Hey-Montgomery In memory of Ellen Frittenburg

Dona Hill In memory of William & Gail Conway & Robert Backstrom

Linda Hill In memory of Dennis Foster

Antoinette Hinksman In memory of Liam Christian Hinksman

Sue Hogarth In memory Of Diane Janisse

Maureen Holland In memory of Karl Lirette Charron

David Holwell In memory of Louise Kromkamp

Charles Hooker In memory of Cynthia Hooker

Jillian Horne In memory of Stuart Horne

Norma Hostrawser

Hot Night’s Hotrods

Lisa & Steve Howard In memory of Patricia Loughnan

Susan Hudson In memory of Linda Brown

Susan Hudson In memory of Doris Wilson

Darlene Hunt

Liam Vancamp In memory of his mom, Robynne Hunt

Sheri Hunt & Don Piggott In memory of Robynne Hunt

Lila M. Inch In memory of Dennis McNamara

Inglewood United Church

Margaret Inocencio In memory of My Mom

Sheila Jack In memory of John Dew

Warren & Jean James In memory of Helen & Archie Whyte

Ann Janza In memory of Paul Janza

Joe Jasinski & Cindy Ward-Jasinski In memory Of John Voegtle

Gail Jefferson In memory of Don Nelson

Carol & David Jeffs

Jelson Wildlife Control – John Ellis In memory of Pat Salem

Kim Jensen In memory of Lis Jensen & Ole Jensen

Kim Jensen In memory of Ole Jensen

Marion & Gord Johnston

William Johnstone In memory Of Rita Johnstone

Jon, Petra & Kelsey McKittrick In memory of Lynn McKittrick

Russell & Maxine Jones

Merna Jules

Karen Sims BeilHartz & Joan Sims In memory of Mary Ann Steele

Ken, Michele, Carly & Stephanie In memory of Oma Frieda Hofer

Nancy Kelly In memory of Lynn McKittrick

Alexandra Kemsley In memory of Richard Kemsley

Jaden & Bo Kent In memory of Chris Kent

Lori Ker In memory of Betty Ker

Jeff Kerr In memory of Maud Toogood

Nancy Kiaer In memory of Chris Kiaer, Annie Kiaer, Rolf Kiaer, Christina Myles & Robert Myles

Raymond & Laura King In memory of Bob & Joan Davis

Janice Kitto In memory of William Adams

Renate Klietsch

Pat & Fred Kolb In memory of Donna deBoer, Evelyn Jones, Sharon Jones, Paul Olsen, Gord Farndon & Anne Gibson

Margaret Carol Kramarich In memory of Sharon Lynn McKittrick

Sharon Krause In memory of Lesa Gajadhar

Mary Kretschmer In memory of Dick Van Vliet

Romas & Gwen Krilavicius

Irma & Leo Krug

Carol Lahey In memory Of Gail Hiscock

Robert & Betty Joan Large In memory Of Vic & Jean Large, Gordon & Madeline Hunter & Roy Hunter

Keith & Janet Laven In memory of Nellie Laven

Lynne Laverty

Susan Leach In memory of Ross Lemon, Susan, Vaughan & Ena

Lea Anne Leavens In memory of Theresa Leavens

Julie Anne Leclerc

Jane Lindsay In memory of Gerry Lindsay

Linda & Glen Little In memory of Ross Lemon

Anne Livingston

Barry & Diane Livingston

Christina Lockyer In memory of Tom Lockyer

Donna Marie Logan In memory Of Sharron Sulston

Gino & Anna Lucchese In memory of MaryLou Bacci

Barbara Lyons In memory of William “Bill” Cole

Shirley Lyons In memory Of John Lyons

Linda MacDonald In memory of Nancy Annis

Bart MacDougall In memory of Lorna Bethell

Eve MacDougall In memory of Hartland MacDougall

Eve MacDougall In memory of Lorna Bethell

John & Marian MacFarlane In memory Of Lorna Bethell

Ana Maria MacKenzie

Joanne Macksey In Remembrance of Suzanne Voteary & Robert Ives

Kenneth & Catherine Macksey In memory of Suzanne Macksey Voteary

Beverly & Charles Maclean

Alexis MacLeod In memory Of Catherine Bruce

Carol MacMurchy

Robert & Cheryl Magee In memory of Robbie Maven, Gordon McMahon, Daryl Good, Douglas Wilcox, Jean Follis, Herbie Follis, Frank Magee & May Magee

Robert & Sally Mansbridge In memory of Dermot & Moyra Marrable

Maria Maraone In memory Of Alfredo Polsinelli

Douglas Marfleet In memory of Carl Martin, Dorothy Sarkisian &  Michael Gallagher

Donald & Anne Marion

Florence Martin In memory of Carl Martin

Ron Martin In memory of Lillian Martin

Sophie Martin In memory Of My Brother Richard Lazdowski

Karen Martin-Robbins In memory of Reese Meyer

Helen Mason In memory of John Mason, May Felix, Margaret Paterson, Jim Paterson Aimee Kinch, John Robinson & Eric, Sperlich

Helen Mason

Linda Mason In memory of Ross Nelson

Leo & Barbara Masse In memory Of James Adams

Heather & Steve Mastine In memory of Bonnie O’Brien

Deborah May-Forbes In memory Of Isabel Lillie

Candice McAlister In memory of Kimberly Flavell

Marilyn & David McBride In memory of Viola Early

Theresa McCausland In memory of Salvatore Cutrara, Bette Cutrara, Glen Robinson & Toni McLean, Wallace William Meneray, Muriel Pirri

John McCracken

Martin & Barbara McCreath

Mary McCrossan In memory Of Ann Skilton

Janine Tilley-McDowell & Rob McDowell In memory of Edith Meservier

Phillip McEnaney

Kathleen McGregor In memory of Dennis McNamara

Mary McGuckin In memory Of Dina McGuckin

Robert & Sheila McHardy

Jim & Elizabeth McIntyre In memory Of Marie Upenieks

Diane McKenzie In memory of Beatrice Hayes

Barbara McKittrick

William McKittrick In memory of Lynn McKittrick

Graham McLeod In memory Of Patricia McLeod

Leah & Scot McLeod In memory of Lorraine Carwardine

Joseph & Rhonda McLoughlin In memory Of Lorrie Grima

Kelly McNamara In memory of Dennis McNamara

Rose McNamara In memory of Dennis McNamara

Loretta Meltz In memory Of William Reaman

Richard Menartowicz In memory Of Fiona MacFarlane

Allan Millard In memory of Donna Millard

Christopher Miller In memory Of Sally Miller

David Mills

Louise Mitchell In memory of Stephen Metelsky

Ruth Moeller

Dena Moneypenny-Clarke In memory Of Duncan Moneypenny

Marisa Montanari

Kim & David Montgomery In memory of Tony Harding

Michael & Cheryl Moore In memory of Allan Chard

Debbie Moreira In memory Of Cherryl Decouto

Gloria Morin In memory of Dennis McNamara

Neil Morris In memory of David Morris

John Mould In memory Of Gladys Mould

Michelle Mouratidis

Trudy Mulder-Hall & Gord Hall In memory of Tim McKeen

Marguerite Munro In memory Of Johnathan Wayne Munro

Margaretha Murrell

Ziggy Musial In memory of Jeff Teat

Joan Napier In memory of Helen Hamilton

Pushpinder Natt In memory Of Shaminder Pannu

New Park Contracting Inc In memory of James “Ted” Neish

Joachim Noetzel In memory Of My Mom Ursula Schulze

Russell & Lynne Norman In memory Of Sylvia & John Norman, Pamela Neilly, Ralph Sugg, Joanne Kiser, Jim Reid & Jim Reilly

Joyce Norris In memory of Herb & Edna Reinhart

Timothy Norton In memory of David Norton

Barbara Nowakowski

Carole O’Connell In memory of Michael O’Connell

Joan O’Connell In memory of Glen Collins

Alexandra Ogilvie In memory of Michelin Morton

Lori & Paul O’Hara-Hoke In memory of Grant Denison, Amelia Canning, Abby Fedosoff

Joe & Maria Oosterhof In memory Of Peter Van Harmelen

Sheila & James Orton In memory of Kelly MacKinnon

Palgrave Loyal Orange Lodge #288

William “Bill” Palmer In memory of Isabell Palmer

Teresa Pannia

Donna Papadopoulos In memory Of Cosimo Condarcuri

Bernice Parish In memory Of Gordon Parish

Robert Parkins In memory Of Joyce Ann Parkins

Dave & Cynthia Parmanand In memory of Tamara Parmanand Farstad

Kevin Parmanand In memory of Tamara Farstad

Robert & Dinali Paul In memory of Minoli Paul

Deb & Bob Peacock

Steve Peck

Paula Pestell In memory of Robert and Carolyn Sanderson

David Phillips In memory of Mary Phillips

Ken & Diana Pilson In memory of Brenda Fletcher

Joe Pimental

John Pingyin In memory of Anne Pingyin

Helen Marie & Bob Pointer In memory of Fred Twitchin

Lynette & Matthew Polsinelli In memory of Aldo Polsinelli,

Trevor Smyth In memory of Annalise Smyth

 Barb Pardoe In memory of Clifford Jr Pardoe

Anita Poropat In memory of Giuseppe Poropat

Joan Powell In memory of Norma Kearney

Roxanne Powell Leny, Barry, Megan, Ashley & family In memory of Jan & Les Wilson

Anne & Alan Pratton In memory Of James Collie

Kimberley Priebe I memory of Reginald Beveridge

Helen Quackenbush In memory of Helen & Archie Whyte

Jean Rammage In memory Of Ken Rammage

Fatima Ventura Rego

Marguerite Reid In memory of Art Cuthbert

Thomas Reilly In memory of Sarah Reilly

Americo Ricci In memory Maria Vittoria “Vicki” Ricci

Steven & Leith Parish Rigby In memory of Gordon Parish

Steven & Leith Parish Rigby In memory of David McLaughlin

Steven & Leith Parish Rigby In memory of Shirley & Tye Rigby

Lina & Peter Rizzo In memory of Giuseppe Russo

Keith & Wilma Rocque

Jan & Ross Rodgers

Kenneth Rosin

Nancy & Steve Rowland In memory of Evelyn Sheppard & Frank Sheppard

Beverley Ryan In memory of William Charles Ryan

Ryles Inc In memory of Paula Nichol

Howard Sanderson In memory Of Bob Sanderson

John Sanderson

Brian Sargeson In memory Of Christine Sargeson

Diogenis Savvidis In memory of Athanasios Tony Savvidis

Anita Schenk In memory of Dave Craughwell

Rose & William Seago In memory of Helen Tobin

Carol Seglins In memory of John Doughty

Setir Holdings Inc

Debra Shaddock In memory of Adam Fenrich, Anne Kennedy, Pam Neilly & Jake Haines

Peggy Shannon In memory of Rick Wink

Robert & Elizabeth Shaw In memory Of Wayne Munro, Bob Davis &  Joe Van Tichelen

Jordana Siciliano In memory of Fiona Elizabeth Siciliano

Paul Siciliano In memory of Fiona Elizabeth Siciliano

Grace Silvis

The Simple Alternative Funeral Centres – Mississauga

Michael & Teresa Sims In memory of Mary Ann Steele

Amandeep Singh Heera In memory Of Gurdev Kaur Heera

Nalinie Singh In memory of Richard Singh

Richard Skinner In memory of Wilma Skinner

Richard Skinner In memory of Wilma Skinner, John David Skinner, Siegfried Bulla, Mavis Harwood, Barbara Yule, MichelIn Morton, Paula Nichol, Jean Bulla & Germach Bhogal,

Gillian & Bill Smillie In memory of Judith Smillie

John Smillie In memory of Judith Smillie

George Smith

Jane Smith

Jack Smits In memory of Elizabeth Smits

Mary Smythe In memory of Diana Pender, Susan Mofitt, Christine Byrne Martin, Evelyn Jones, John Byrne, Pamela Neilly,, Marian Stewart, Ross Rumble & David Rumble

Jane Ann Snyder In memory of Harvey Snyder

Lisa Speirs In Remembrance of Brad

Catherine Spencer In memory of Donald Crawford

Judy Sperry In memory of Victor Charles Sullivan

Donna Spicer In memory of John Spicer

Sandra & Robert Starr In memory of Vera Mayes

Mary Steed

Karen Steen In memory of Barclay E Steen

Barbara Stein

Ian Stevenson In memory of Diane Stevenson

Bruce Stewart In memory Of Lynn Fearn-Stewart

Diane Sullivan In memory of Victor

Marisa Sweeney In memory Of Lloyd Sweeney

Shirley Tait

Edna & Reginald Tansony In memory Of Judy Johnson

Lenworth Allister Taylor In memory of Rita Taylor, John Taylor, Joan Taylor Harley, Derek Taylor & Cliff Taylor

Nancy P. Taylor In memory of Pat Aucoin

Tony Taylor

Cheryl Teeter In memory Of Dorothy Scott

Darlene Terry In memory of Maud Toogood

Fanny Tesch

Lloyd & Margaret Thompson In memory of Einar Clausen

Margaret Thompson In memory Of Lynda Hollran-Thompson

Rick & Laura Thompson In memory of Mildred Clark

Roy Thompson In memory of Heather Ann Thompson

Huguette Thomson In memory of Donald Verne Thomson

Susan Tiffin In memory Of Ted & Ilene Tiffin, Darlene, Baby Hope

Scott Tilley In memory Of Edith Meservier

Robert Torrance In memory of Helen Torrance

Carol Trewin In memory of Gail Trewin

Margaret “Maggie “Tumilty In memory of Tom Tumilty

Theresa “Terry” Twitchin In memory of Fred Twitchin

Unifor Local 614-M In memory of Donald Dow

Mildred Vajda In memory Of Gustav Vajda

Gertrude & William Van De Beek In memory of Trudy Panchyson

Joseph & Linda Van Hoekelen In memory of Cheryl Lynn Van Hoekelen Shantz

Tena Van Schepen In memory of Hugh Van Schepen

Mary Vandendam

Ray Vanderburgh In memory Of Jane Castel-Vanderburgh

Mary Venusio & Salvatore Ilardo In memory of Sandra Venusio

Janet & Uldis Vimba In Remembrance of Catherine Flynn

Antonella & Vito Violante In memory of Saveria Amato

Gary & Pat Vipond

Lynda Voegtle In memory of John Voegtle

Ann Waddon In memory of Shirley White

Carol D Walker In memory of Jim Walker

Thomas Walsh In memory of Anne Walsh

Laura A Walton

Elizabeth “Betty” Ward In memory of Ginger Ward

Lisa Watts In memory of Ronnie Watts

Janet Weddel

Branca Welles

Lyn Westfall-Tramble In memory of Jim Rod Tramble

Angela Wheatley In memory of Cosimo Condarcuri

Shirley White In memory of Mervyn White

Grace Wilkinson In memory Of Jack Wilkinson, Pat Lipenski, Paul Wilkinson & Judy Taggart

Barb Williams In memory of Richard Pollard

William & Joanne Willson

W & S Colekessian In memory of Michael O’Connell

Gloria Wilson In memory of John D. Wilson

Vicky & Ron Wilson In memory of Maud Toogood

Walter Wiza & Deborah Egan In memory Of Irma Wiza

Deborah Egan In memory Of La Mura Boelling

Anne & Bill Wood Sr In memory of MaryLou Bacci

Hope Yoshiki In memory of My mom Kim Yoshiki

Ling Zhang In memory of Yuxiang Zhang


Patricia Horner honouring Ray Horner


Sheryl Chandler In memory of

All who have passed through the doors of Bethell


Anonymous In memory Of All Souls & Loved Ones


Anonymous In memory of Howard Walton

Anonymous In memory of Brenda Priseman

Anonymous In memory Of Bud Renshaw

Anonymous In memory Of Sonia Douglas

Anonymous In memory Of Dianne Beedham

Anonymous In memory of many friends

Anonymous In memory of Geni Baran

Anonymous In memory of Janice Simpson

Anonymous In memory of Edna Silk

Anonymous In memory of Frances Mulder

Anonymous In memory of Ray Patterson

Anonymous In memory of Beryl Gallagher

Anonymous In memory of Jillian Zumach & Harry Lostchuck

Anonymous In memory Of Alice Train

Anonymous In memory Of Bobby Dambrauskas & Norm Wilson

Anonymous In memory Of Margaret Gott

Beginning in November, the Scroll of Remembrance will be added to this page, listing the names of all those remembered with Light & Love gifts.  We will endeavour to update the scroll each week.  We appreciate your patience and understanding that the scroll updates cannot be instantaneous.

Tree Lighting event generously sponsored by:

Fines Lincoln